Cosmetology is the study of hair, skin, and nails and their related care. Students study and prepare in a clinical lab setting, using mannequins and live models for manipulative skill practice. The program emphasizes safety and sanitation, communication, and management skills. Related areas of study include psychology, ethics, and presentation of a professional image. Competency completions prepare the student for the Arkansas State Cosmetology Licensure Exam.

Prerequisite: None (See both descriptions below for Cosmo I & II)

- Must be at least 16 years of age and must provide a copy of their birth certificate.
- An Official Transcript showing completion of the 10th grade
- A completed Student Permit Application which must include a social security number
- $20 for student permit
- $15 SkillsUSA dues in order to compete at the state competition
- Approximately $100 in supplies
-A current 2x2 photo