Students in the Computer Engineering Technology Program prepare for careers in
PC technical support, network management, computer security, computer science, and computer forensics. The curriculum initially focuses on computer hardware and operating systems in preparation for the CompTIA A+ Service Technician Certification.
Student go beyond the basics and learn hardware and software operation and design concepts. This gives students the skills they need to be able to diagnose and resolve real-world PC problems with a variety of configurations and operating systems.

Students advance to Computer Network design and maintenance concepts and practices to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Certification. They practice managing a range of equipment that includes both wired and wireless networks in a mixed hardware/software environment. This program relates closely to the Cisco program at area colleges and universities.

The Computer Maintenance Technology program provides a solid foundation for
post-secondary education at a college or university of a student’s choice.
This in-demand professional field also offers exceptional career options for our students.